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Relooking: Renew with Style…


Relooking: Renew with Style…


Relooking: To renew with Style the House the Inside Spaces and the furnishing

For all the people home is not only a building made from different materials but it is the most intimate and familiar place where you learn to love ourselves and others, to laugh, to know, to trasmit information and culture, and all this will be reflected on social life in order to bring benefits to the community.

In this article we will discuss the steps that the relooker follows to renew with style your home, the interiors and the furniture.

Drawing of the house or apartment or room

The relooker receives from the customer a sketch of the plant (top view) of the house or apartment or room with measures to be implemented in new or renewed.

The most important environments for the design are: entry, bathroom, bedroom, lounge, kitchen, study, utility room, terrace, balcony, garden.

From  these you can understand what local housing solution falls:

a) Apartment: only place (kitchen, living room and bedroom in one room), two rooms (living room and bedroom), three rooms (living room and two bedrooms), more than three rooms.

b) Family home: isolated house when surrounded by a private garden, terraced  house if an aggregation of single-family houses; usually it is on two floors with two faces free, the entrance and the garden.


Needs Assessment

To understand your needs you should read carefully the questions listed below and answer even if you already know you intentions.  This exercise will help you to reinforce the new choices and to bring more clarity within yourself for any future development of your home.

Am I a lot of time at home? I need a large kitchen? I eat in the kitchen? How many people live in the family? I often have guests? I need a closet? I often watch TV? The rooms are large enough? There is enough natural light? How many bathrooms do I need? What are the most important things (ex. hobbies)? The study room is necessary? I need this house temporarily? Will I change it in the next 10 years? I’m not going to change it again?

After analyzing the conditions of the house, you can decide to change the layout of rooms and add or remove doors and windows as you need.

The relooker can help you giving you the right advice and avoiding  local additions that may not be necessary, moreover he can also think for you a relocation of the premises of your house or apartment.


Choosing the look of the house

The style of furniture for the home should not be seen as an obligation but as a mean to make you happy. The search for harmony in the house can be seen as a delightful game that keeps your mind alive with the desire to create unique furniture and change it over the time.  Below are listed some of the styles in use and these may help you to understand your own taste and to think of a new style just for you.

Retro Style, Kitsch Style, Swedish Design, Shabby Chic, Loft Style, Mixin Style, Style Pop, The Vanguards, Minimalism, Rustic Style, Classic Style, Country Style, Egyptian Style, Japanese Style, Mediterranean Style, Arte Povera, Ethnic, Zen.

Depending on the choice of style, the personal shopper will show you the furniture of the bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bathroom and other furnishings (tables, chairs, clothes, etc..) and if required also the accessories of the house.

The relooker can give you his own opinion and advices but only according to your needs because you are the first designer, who lives in the house with the style or styles you choose.


For each room the right Relooking

Now we analyze, room by room, the right spatial organization, the right furniture, look, light, functionality, comfort, atmosphere ..


The entrance is important because it is like a business card and gives you some idea about the style of the house. Often it is not well lit by natural light, however, you can enjoy a good artificial light by placing lights on the ceiling to illuminate the walls and create an atmosphere that generates warmth.


Living room

It is the largest area of the house where you spend most of the time. It is nice to keep this space together but you can also split it in two: one side as dining room near the kitchen and the other side as lounge, by adding or removing the separation between the two environments as you like.

The living room is the most luminous area of the house and a good design places the table near the windows and the kitchen, a chandelier can fall from the ceiling and illuminate the table. The section of the room dedicated to lounge becomes the relaxation area: a large and comfortable sofa with L-or U disposition will allow you to watch TV. TV will be placed in front resting on a table or hanging on the wall. Otherwise you can also admire a beautiful fireplace that leaves you enchanted  in the winter days. This relaxation area does not need lots of natural light, so you can use lamps that rise from the floor capable of adjust the brightness. A large painting could decorate the walls and a carpet may adorn the floor and a curtain could veil the light, but these choices are subjective and depending on the style of furniture that you choose initially.



Generally you can consider various options for the kitchen:

Multifunctional Kitchen

Living heart of the house, spacious and bright, with even a table and TV and all the furniture and equipment for the proper construction of the kitchen. It is used primarily by people who stay at home a long time or for large families or for those who choose the kitchen as a living house.

Economic Kitchen

It’s medium or small size, bright but with only the furniture and equipment necessary for the proper construction of the kitchen and will get a small pull-out table suitable for singles or couples in a quick lunch.

Modern Kitchen

This is a room with kitchen and dining room used in the loft, loved by architects and suitable for a minimalist style. The kitchen  joined to the living room forms a single large space furnished in the same style, equipment, such as refrigerator, becomes object of design and everything contributes to create a modern atmosphere.


The location of furnishing in the kitchen must follow specific criteria, the most important is to avoid long distances and concentrate in the area where you operate. The measures to be taken into account are 80-90 cm as height of the work plan, 60 cm as depth of the work plan, 140 cm as height of the components of the upper floors.

Equipment: kitchen furniture, cooking equipment (oven, gas or electric burner, microwave), refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, washing machine (can also be placed in the squeegee or in the bathroom) small appliances, kitchen sink


The bedroom has a facility to operate as a real space when it reflects the personality of its occupants and their taste in furnishings.

Adult Room

For the design of the room for adults, you should consider if it is occupied by a person or a couple, however, almost everyone, even if they live alone, will choose a double bed, in case a little bit smaller.

Another important aspect is the occupation of space, we prefer to place the bed with his back to the entrance and a soft lighting over the tables which, combined with the soft color of the walls, will create a delicate and charm atmosphere. On the opposite side of the bed you can insert a piece of furniture on which to place TV or you can hang the TV directly to the wall. On the side walls there will be a big window on one side and, on the other side, a wardrobe with sliding doors or furniture or a door leading to the dressing room and bathroom.


The minimum area for a double room must not be less than 14 mq and a single 9mq, the height never less than 2.70 m. renew

Nursery Room

The bedroom is a place where the baby spends a lot of his time, this environment is one that requires most changes due to the growth of the baby. For the first years of life you should furnish a room suitable for a baby and take into account possible future changes as the birth of brothers or sisters.

With the growth of the child or children will also increases the size of furniture and beds, a child of 6-7 years will have different needs than a child of 2-3 years. The beginning of the school requires the purchase of the desk and the scaling of the part dedicated to the game to give more space to a well-equipped closet. If in the first years you could place a nest-shaped bed (a bed under the other, that you pull out for the night) or a Marineras bed (a bed above the other), now it is recommended to place it with the short side against the wall because the older child will have fewer fears.


If you have children of different ages, it’s better to create a playroom  in the house so you can control them and allow children to play freely.

A beautiful garden will serve to place a small house and a large and safe balcony will allow him to breathe fresh air and to stay in the sunlight.


The bathroom is a stylish, modern and hygienic space. It is more and more studied by the designers to make it unique. As a coating you can use ceramics, wood, marble, stone, mosaics: the choice is very wide. A good advice is to leave this choice in the hands of experienced designers.

The modern bathroom reflects the change of domestic habits, it is an indispensable place during our day to care ourselves, our health and our beauty. It is a place of relaxation that allows us to regenerate, if properly designed.


Types of bathroom:

Luxury Bath

It is a type of bath that requires large space. In addition to the standard bathroom furniture (toilet, bidet, washbasin), you should be able to place even a small sofa, cabinets of the same style and a large mirror. Generally this type of bathroom is connected to the bedroom and you can add Jacuzzi to ensure maximum relaxation. Turkish bath and sauna need a separate room and they are a surplus.

Family bathroom

A family bathroom should be simple, sanitary wares should be white and have rounded corners, because they are easy to clean and less dangerous for children.

The sinks can be placed on the wall that is perpendicular to the door with a small cabinet and on the other side you can place toilet, bidet and shower or bath.

Bath of service

It’s a small bathroom, sometimes it is not provided of natural life, but it is equipped with mechanical ventilation. You should place only a sink and the toilet and, eventually, the washing machine.

Online Relooking Project

This article, written by Home Relooking REmilia, should have clarified your ideas about the new look you want for your home. Now you should be able to sketch a first draft of renovation or redesign of your premises.

It’s very important to get carried away with dreams, but it is good that you follow the advice of experts to allow these dreams become reality. The relooker enables the creation of an online project to help you in this phase of choice and conviction.

If you are interested in a proposal for furnishing your home you can submit a draft of your house, your apartment or your room, then you can receive a low cost project from  Home Relooking REmilia.

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